About the Artist

After deciding that creating art was her passion in life, Jennifer began her studies at the San Francisco Art Institute with an emphasis on oil painting in 1972. Then, after 18 years of painting "visionary art", portraits, and landscapes, she was drawn to sculpture due to that art form's tactile nature, as well as the knowledge that stones are formed over millions of years time, representing nature in a historical sense. Her love of nature is so strong that it influences most of her life choices. To learn the basics of stone sculpture she approached an elderly Italian immigrant whose trade had been carving grave stones from marble in his native land. He was able to show her the various techniques used by the old masters of Italy. In addition she took classes in clay and stone sculpture at Orange Coast College.

Her first pieces were nudes, and then abstracts carved in alabaster from Utah and Italy. During this period she participated in the two-month-long art festival in Laguna Beach, serving on the board of directors as vp in charge of advertising. She also showed at the Beverly Hills Affair in the Gardens, took on private commissions, and had work in various galleries.

In 1991 she moved with her husband and numerous dogs to Grass Valley, then on to Nevada City, and finally built their present home located on top of a forested hill in Penn Valley, Ca. After taking a couple of years off to decompress she decided to try out a new idea. Living in the foothills, she couldn't help but notice how lovely and elegant flowers looked beside natural stone formations. The creation of stone vases grew out of this observation, and "the serene beauty of Nevada County continues to greatly influenced my work and feed my imagination" says Cull.

The vases have evolved into functional fine art and are enhancing the beautiful decor of homes and businesses throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. She also has been working on her non functional art and is experimenting with carving the inside of stone as opposed to the outside, giving the viewer a refined look at the raw exterior of a sculpture while also seeing the exquisite colors as well as the shapes she creates on the inside. These pieces are dear to her as they represent a more organic, historical look at stone sculpture. It is just the start of what she feels will develop into a delightful, innovative series of work.

It delights Jennifer to be able to meet the people who purchase her works at the many fine art festivals she takes part in. In 2010 she felt the need to change, or at least add to her work, and stopped showing at art festivals for the most part so she could have time to paint as well as carve. But she missed the human contact and the feedback so last year she returned to showing her work herself in outside venues. You can find her shows on this web site under "schedule". Your invited to view her works of art on this site. An entirely new page where everything is available to purchase has been added. Purchasing from the site is made by email or phone.

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