All of the vases posted are sold on this and the next page. Go to "Available New Work" to find vases for sale. All pond vases are attached to a 1 to 2 inch deep porcelain pot with a pin frog inside.
9" x 6"
10" x 7"
I hope you enjoy looking through the pages of my web site. The "pond" vases pictured here are already sold because they sell so fast I rarely post pictures of those recently finished. Vases pictured are there to give you an idea of the construction, shapes, and colors that can be ordered. No two are alike but you can choose the size and general color you would like. The upright vases for sale are marked "available" in green. I ship UPS ground as it's very reasonable. You can place orders by email or phone and place comments on my message board on Page 2 (Work Process) Enjoy.
12" x 5"
5" x 4"
$55.00 Click to Inlarge
13" x 7"
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