For over 12 years I purchased my stone from John Pugh in Grants Pass Oregon. Then he passed away and I have to go elsewhere for my stone. Most recently I went to Canada. It's the same route only longer, much longer. Also the stone is in a warehouse so there's no more piles of stone to crawl around on. But what variety!

Stone Trips

A photo gallery of going to, picking out, and buying stone.

The stone comes from Oregon and the drive there is enjoyable. The first landmark of the trip is this metal steer sculpture sitting in a field of rolling hills.

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I always enjoy seeing Mt. Shasta in all the different stages of snow coverage.

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A mound of stone at the quarry in Grants Pass Oregon.

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Every stone is picked out one at a time, keeping in mind the sizes that I need, also shape, and coloring. I try to have a large variety of sizes for clients to choose from.

I never seem to have room for all my treasures in my van.